Upcoming Calendar


JULY 2017

16th Jul, Sun Students return to school from vacations by 5:00 pm latest
17th Jul, Mon Regular classes to begin Distribution of books to the new students
19th Jul, Wed Morning games to commence at 6:00 am
29th Jul, Sat Nature walk at 6:00 am
27th, 28th, 29th Jul Western Music workshop by Mr. Deepak Castillino


5th Aug, Sat Inter House Western Music Competition - Vocal & Instrumental.
7th Aug, Thu Rakshabandhan – no holiday
10th -13th Aug Inter House Badminton Competition
14th Aug, Mon Janmashtmi Holiday (Students can leave after 10am by 5pm should return)
15h Aug, Tue Independence Day Celebrations at 8:00 am Students may go out after 10:00 am and return by 7:00 pm with parents / local guardians
19th Aug, Sat Inter House Classical Dance Competition
21st Aug, Mon Squash camp to commence.
24th, 26th Aug Art & Pottery Inter House Competition
27th, 28th Aug Squash Inter School Tournament
30th Aug, Wed Squash camp to Conclude


5th Sept, Tue Special Assembly for Teacher’s Day
7th,8th, 9th Sept Inter House English Elocution Competition for Juniors (Classes III, IV, V, VI,VIII)
12th Sept, Tue Inter House Folk Dance Competition
20th Sept, Wed Tennis Camp to commence
18th, 19th Sept Inter House Swimming Competition
20th Sept, Wed Mid Term Assessments to Commence
29th Sept, Fri Mid Term Assessments to Conclude, Tenis camp to Conclude
30th Sept, Sat Dussehra Holiday (Students can leave after 10am by 5pm should return)


2nd Oct, Mon Gandhi Jayanti, students may go for an outing after 10:00 am and return by 6:00 pm
3rd Oct, Tue Squash Camp to Commence
6th, 7th Oct “Just a minute” Inter House English Competition for Middles & Seniors (VIII, IX,X,XI)
9th Oct, Tue Dance Workshop to Commence
12th Oct, Wed Squash Camp to Conclude
14th Oct, Mon School Annual function followed by Dinner Students to leave for Diwali break after dinner
19th Oct, Thu Diwali
21st Oct, Sat Bhai Duj
22nd Oct, Sun After Diwali Break – Students to return back to school on 22nd October by 6:00 pm
23rd Oct, Mon Regular Classes to Begin
30th Oct, Mon Inter House Instrumental Music Competition (Classes VI to XI)


1st Nov, Wed Tennis Camp to Commence
10th, 11th Nov Skating Inter House Competition
10th Nov, Fri Tennis camp to Conclude
13th, 14th Nov Inter House Indian Vocal Music Competition
16th Nov, Thu Field trip of students/students depart for educational trip
19th Nov, Sun Field trip to Conclude
20th Nov, Mon Regular Class to commence
25th Nov, Sat Inter House Quiz Competition on Current Events (Classes VI to XI)
27th, 28th, 29th Nov Basket Ball Inter House Competition


1st Dec, Fri Periodical Assessments/ Pre Board I Class X to Commence
9th Dec, Sat Periodical Assessments / Pre Board I Class X to Conclude
15th Dec, Fri Christmas Eve Celebrations Students proceed for Winter Vacations.
16th Dec, Sat Sports Day / Parents Teachers Meet, Students proceed for Winter Vacations after 3:00pm
17th Dec, Sun Winter Vacations to commence


21st Jan, Sun Students report back after winter vacations by 5:00 pm
22nd Jan, Mon Regular classes to commence


  • Outings besides the holidays may be taken for Two days Only and One night out with parents/grandparents only in this term.
  • Drama, Debate and Creative writing workshops will be also held during this term.
  • AFS Think Tank Art workshop for guest’s students and Vantage students to be held in August.
  • Dates of Camps may change as per the availability of the instructors.
  • Class tests for all Classes will be held between July to September.
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