Our Logo

Our logo tells the story of nesting and incubation.

As a boarding school for girls, we see ourselves as a caring and inclusive educational institution, as is aptly depicted by the nest. A nest where girls are nurtured to learn, lead and contribute, while living and learning in a safe, warm, caring and protective environment.

Vantage Hall Girls’ Residential School is indeed a nest for your daughter, an environment where she will be nurtured and encouraged to grow into the strong, prepared and focused woman that she will one day become.

Our close attention to every detail in our academics, sports, arts and even boarding facilities is depicted by our focus on the three feathers – one that stand for "Learn", one that stands for "Lead" and one that stands for "Contribute.".

Our Name

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Vantage as: "A position giving a strategic advantage, commanding perspective, or comprehensive view."

Our name also gives us our guiding beliefs that characterise our community. A community of students, parents, teachers, and administrators working towards a single goal, to give each student this position of vantage.

Our Motto

Our motto of Learn, Lead & Contribute captures the essence of our existence. We are here to give your daughter the means to learn, the skills to lead and the desire to contribute to society. Because we believe that a combination of driving academic success, a focus on developing personality and leadership skills and nurturing the desire to contribute to society is what truly makes every student at Vantage Hall Residential School for Girls very special.

Our Ethos

It is in our ethos to hold true to each one of the beliefs captured in our name, when it comes to imparting learning to our students. In order to understand the basis for our various commitments, you may also like to discover what the letters in the words Vantage Hall stand for.


Value-based learning that instills strong ethics and human values.


Adapt continuously, so that both the school and its learning community meet the challenges of our increasingly complex national and global society.


Network that comprises of a support system made up of learners, educators, parents and the community.


Teaching and learning to promote personalised learning in an attempt to involve all learners.


Accountability systems that hold educators and policymakers responsible for meaningful learning and achievement.


Growth assessment systems that measure and shed light on the advancement of learners and educators.


Evaluation systems that recognise progress and provide support for teachers and learners that need it.

Hall Finally, the word Hall stands for a place where all of the above comes together, a house of happy children, young and grown-up.