It all begins with hopes and dreams. The world as we know it all was just a dream in the hearts of the brave who dared to believe that they could change the world. At Vantage Hall, we believe dreams are attainable through hard work and dedication. Here students are encouraged to dream and are taught that they will become reality with continuous effort and persistence.
  • Vantage Hall is a place where I can realize my dream to become a fashion designer. With all the attention I get from my teachers and my hard work I know that “If you can dream it you can do it".--Gayatri Negi Class VI
  • It’s lovely to be here; And I am lucky to be here; At each step we get advantage; Because we are here at Vantage; Passion fills my heart where my journey starts
    I want to observe the stars as I want to be an astronomer-- Kashish Khan Class IX
  • It's my dream that our school continues to be a place of great learning, adventure and creativity. Where students learn to love and love to learn, where everyone is respected and each one is deeply valued. It's my dream that each student understands that she is talented and special. When she steps out she goes with her head held high,gentle, compassionate and enthusiastic about facing each challenge of future with grace and confidence.-- Mrs. Preeti Singh Rathore (Principal, Vantage Hall)
  • I study at Vantage Hall a school where I can fulfill my dream of becoming a doctor and cure people who do not have money…. I am sure I will be a doctor in future.
    -- Romy Rathaur Class VI
  • At vantage Hall I discovered that I could shoot. It is here I got the opportunity and motivation to discover my talent. I hope one day I can make my school and my country proud of me.-- Awleen Kaur Sodhi Class X
  • I wish to see Vantage Hall known for imparting the best education in the country. I would like to see our girls as ambassadors of good conduct, articulate and good in academics.-- Mrs. Seema Sharda (Science & English Teacher)
  • For me Vantage hall is a place where I will take a step towards success. Being on stage compering for programmes, reading the news bulletins or dancing or public speaking is an opportunity to excel for everyone. I know all this learning will definitely help me become a successful business women. -- Gomedha Bansal Class VIII
  • I want to make a difference in the lives of my students… encourage them to love learning, discover and express new ideas . It gives me great pleasure when I share my knowledge and experience and see the faith they have in me to help them achieve their goals. -- Mrs. Priya Kohli (Science Teacher)
  • I dream of an equal-opportunity world for everyone.-- Mr. Kamaldeep Dang (Co-founder)
  • Vantage Hall has taught me so much in the last two and a half years. I have become more independent, responsible and it is my dream to add value to society.
    -- Era Bhadu Class VIII
  • I dream that our girls see value in entrepreneurship, never cease to dream, push boundaries, stay kind hearted, and, always, call their parents.-- Mr. Sukhdeep Rishi (Co-founder)
  • as a science teacher I wish to buils a scientific temperament in my students. The state of art facilities at Vantage Hall and the infrastructure easily lend themselves towards an enviable teaching environment.-- Mrs Kusum Singh (Science Teacher)