Our students will be better prepared for different career paths because we not just focus on student learning but also on our teachers. An emphasis on teacher training via in-house and external programs ensures our teachers are continuously challenged and encouraged. Teachers at Vantage Hall clear a rigorous application and interview process and once on board become an integral.
Mrs. Seema Sharda
Science & English Teacher
"My goal is to to perform my duties honestly and to the best of my ability. It is going to be my endeavour to make learning easier, and more interesting and make learning a lifelong process."
Ms. Seema Rathore
Computer Science Teacher & librarian
"Vantage hall has given me the satisfaction of pursuing both my areas of interest. Setting up the library from its foundation has been a very satisfying challenge. I enjoy seeing our students take the time to browse and pick up books of their choice. It is wonderful seeing our young girls develop a love for books and reading."
Mrs. Nirmala Khatri
Social Science and English
"For me teaching is more than the text . I hope I can instill good values in my girls. It is my hope and prayer that when they enter the mainstream they will make our society more sensitive and caring than what we see today."
Mrs. Neha Bharadwaj
"I enjoy teaching Mathematics. I find great satisfaction in strengthening logical thinking , reasoning and understanding of concepts ; clearing doubts and laying a strong base for the future. . I believe and teach students in a way that they work and learn together into solve problems in mathematics. At Vantage Hall we have the right environment to promote learning through collaboration, and interactive classrooms that make our learning studios an ideal place for the teacher and student."
Ms. Vidhi Ahluwalia
English/Social Studies
"For me education is not only confined to books. Every aspect of development in a child’s life is an important phase. It gives me great satisfaction to see my student grasp a difficult topic or concept..It serves to remind me that all students can learn but it is my responsibility to unlock their minds. I love learning and would like to encourage my students to become lifelong learners themselves."
Mrs. Kritika Gora
"The skills that are most important for young learners is communication skills through different mediums and the realization that these skills cannot be achieved merely through a static classroom. Luckily at Vantage Hall we do have our learning studios designed to incorporate innovative teaching, where creative skills and critical thinking are encouraged both inside and outside the classroom."
Mrs. Mamta Gupta
"I have given many years to teaching Hindi with full dedication and encouraged my students to be creative in their writing with focus on critical thinking and sensitivity to a wide range of relevant issues that touch us in everyday lives. I like to stress on correct pronunciation and articulation in both poetry and prose."
Mrs. Meera Varshney
Hindi & Sanskrit
"Teaching both hindi & Sanskrit is very fulfilling for me. I like to encourage my students to develop an understanding for language and reading . Our literature in both these languages is very rich and I like to see my students develop a love for both Hindi & Sanskrit."
Mr. Kaibrich Mritunjay
Physical Educationist
"I was always interested and keen in sports from childhood especially when I saw my seniors do so well in this field. At Vantage Hall we have excellent sports facilities and the ideal support to inculcate a love for sports in our students and enable them to reach a high level of achievement."
Ms. Neetika Rautela
Physical Educationist
"It feels great to be a teacher especially being a physical educationist. It gives me the opportunity to impart the importance of physical fitness and wellness. At Vantage Hall physical education is compulsory and I am proud that I am helping students achieve the same."
Ms. Amarjeet Kaur
Swimming Coach
"Swimming will always be a part of my life. It was exciting winning a gold at National Level when I was just fifteen and it motivated me to train and give my time and effort to improve in swimming and continue participating in competitive events as well as coaching young students at the same time. I believe training is the key to swim faster and my aim is to motivate and prepare our students with better techniques, physical and mental fitness so that they too can compete at all levels in this sport."
Dr. Aruna Arya
Vocal Hindustani Classical Music
"The seven notes of music is my life breath itself; it uplifts and fills one’s soul with its sweetness and spirituality which through the medium of education I bring to all my students."
Mr. Inderjit Roy
Pottery Teacher
"Art for me is a liberating and creative pursuit and that is what I would like to share with my students. Every child has a hidden talent and it gives me great joy to help them discover their talent and develop skills in the creative field."
Mr. Biplab Roy
Fine Art & Crafts Teacher
"Teaching at Vantage Hall is both a learning experience as well as an opportunity to share my experience and love for art with students. Teaching different techniques to students in different mediums is what I really am happy to do."
Ms. Sayoni Das
Fine Arts and Crafts Teacher
"From childhood I had wanted to be a teacher and after qualifying in teaching art I am happy I have this opportunity to work in such a serene and beautiful location at Vantage Hall. It is the perfect place for me to pursue and live my dream."
Mr. Vishal Mishra
Classical sitar & classical vocal music teacher
"I belong to the Benaras gharana and I am the 7th generation carrying the musical legacy of my family. Teaching at Vantage Hall is giving me the opportunity to not only pursue my interest but also to impart a sense of our county’s musical heritage. We have well appointed music rooms and the supporting infrastructure which creates a perfect environment for students to nurture their talent."
Mr. Terence Osler Imbert
Western Music Teacher
"I find teaching young students an extremely rewarding profession where I can share my love for music with the young generation. I find it important that students learn the correct techniques of reading music and developing their own hidden talent both instrumental & vocal. We at Vantage Hall lay great stress on not just the opportunity to play all instruments but also there is enough time and importance given to this field of learning."
Mr. Shailendra Singh Markande
Tabla Teacher
Ms. Nabomita Ghosh
Dance teacher
"Dance is not only learning the technique but one dances with mind ,body and soul. Dance I believe is a form of discipline of both the body and mind. This is what I like to teach my students… to encourage them to develop not just confidence , skills and talent but understand and explore their individuality and aspire for a professional platform in the field of dance."
Mrs. Mamta Mamgain
Dance teacher
" I wish my students to imbibe a love and understanding for the varied traditions of the folk dances of India."